We cater for the following Provinces, Western Cape, Gauteng, The Northwest and Kwazulu Natal.


The Benzing Live is revolutionary in the sport of pigeons racing. Clubs can have a LIVE RESULT as the pigeons arrive. The system allows a HOME EVALUATION which enables the fancier to simply swipe his evaluation card and end the race. The race secretary is then sent an email or he can login and draw the evaluation sheet direct from the Benzing Live Website. This device is well suited for fanciers that drive long distances to ring out the race. If you are in an organisation that races sprint races then the system will ensure a LIVE RESULT and make the racing very exciting. From 2017 the Live will only be available in the 3G technology which will result in an increase in price.


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Benzing Live

Live 3G-with 1 Year Subscription

Benzing Live with 1 Years Subscription

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